Top 5 Ebike Battery Care Tips

Ebike battery Maintenance especially in regards to the battery (not all are created equal!), will increase the lifespan of your electric bike. Read on to know the best tips for e bike battery care.

Have a new ebike? Did your dealer do a good job explaining one of the most important aspects of the ebike? Did your bike ship to you so you missed a fitting? No worries! Here are the Top 5 Ebike Battery Care Tips to keep the most precious asset of your electric bike in working order for many years.

1. Extreme Temperature Exposure:  Batteries do not like the heat and extreme cold. Repetitive exposure to hot temperatures above 90℉ and low temperatures below 32℉ will lead to premature aging of the battery cells. It is recommended not to store your electric bike directly in the sun and to charge your battery at room temperature. Simply put, avoid hot and cold storage areas and direct sunlight when storing your battery.

  • Pro tip: If possible, remove your battery from your bike when transporting it so that it is not exposed to the outside weather.

2. Charge with the Correct Charger:  All manufacturers provide a functional battery charger for their specific bike system. It is not recommended to purchase third-party chargers for your system. For example, a Specialized charger with Rosenberger plug can fit the charge socket of a Bulls bike as it has the same connector. However, the chargers are not compatible and may cause arching and damage to your battery and/or charger. If you’re in need of a new charger, please order one directly with the manufacturer for your specific battery.

3. Length of Charging:  Depending on your ebike battery’s capacity and charger’s amperage, a full charge from 0% can take anywhere between 2.5 hours to 7.5 hours. It is recommended that you do not leave your battery on the charger for much longer than the expected length of charge. Of course if you leave it on the charger overnight every now and then, that should be fine. However, it’s the prolonged practice of leaving it charging for long periods of time (days/weeks) that will affect the battery’s life.

For example, the battery can discharge while connected, then trigger a recharge sequence, over and over again. This counts against charge cycles and will stress out your battery with continuous charge loads. The Bosch ebike battery has been rated for over 1000 charge cycles (we've seen some with 17,000 miles and counting). It's best to use these charge cycles for riding and not for recharge sequences!

Most 4amp chargers can fully charge a 500Wh battery in 4.5 hours. So if you’re charging a 500Wh battery at 50% charge, it shouldn't take longer than 2.5 hours to fully charge. No need to leave it plugged in for the week for your next weekend ride.

  • Pro tip: Set up an overcharge-prevention timer to automatically stop charging.

Top 5 Ebike Battery Care Tips

4. Storing Your ebike Battery:  Let’s say you’re going to be off your ebike for a week or longer. It’s okay if you fully charge your battery and leave it in a temperate room for short term storage. However, the ideal storage level for most battery packs is anywhere between 30% and 60%. According to Bosch, if less extreme charge loads are put on the battery’s cells, then the longer the battery pack will last. Just remember not to store your battery at 0% as it can go dormant and void warranty.

5. Cleaning Your eBike and Battery:  Ebike batteries are tough, but must still be handled with great care. Remove the battery from the frame before cleaning your ebike, and do not use water to clean any part of the battery. You can use a damp cloth to remove dust and grime, but be aware of the battery’s connector. Make sure that it is clear of dirt and metallic debris as this can cause damage to your battery when connecting it to the charger or back on your bike. On your bike, make sure the terminals are clean and feel free to use a little bit of dielectric grease to protect the electrical connection between the bike and battery.

Those were are our Top 5 Ebike Battery Care Tips. Electric bike maintenance is crucial to the life span of your ebike so we hoped this helped you start maintaining your battery correctly. Okay one more, don’t drop your battery either! For more information on ebike tech tips visit our eBike Owners Guide

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