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When and Why To Service Your eBike Rear Shock

Ever wonder when and why to send in your electric mountain bike's rear shock for maintenance? Hector has your back! Keeping your suspension tuned is crucial to the long-term performance of your entire bike. Your rear shock is an integral part of your suspension system, but, like any other part of your bike, doing the proper maintenance is key. Hector will break down when and why to send your bike's shock in because having the manufacturer work on the shock is also imperative.

How Important Is It to Service my eBike’s Rear Shock?

Let's discuss how often you should service your rear suspension. Your rear suspension is an integral part of your full suspension e-mountain bike. You want to make sure your rear suspension is performing optimally not only for your safety but for the longevity of the shock.

Just like your fork, your rear suspension has suggested service intervals, and that can all be found in the user manual from your manufacturer.

What do Shock Manufacturers Recommend for Service?


Recommends your electric bike rear suspension be serviced at least once a year. This service will include tearing down and rebuilding the air can and damper. This will include a thorough inspection of the shock for damages and wear.


Recommends different service intervals for every shock model. RockShox recommends an air can service for every 50 ride hours depending on your rear suspension. They also recommend a 100 hour or a 200 hour air can and damper service. Make sure to check your shocks recommended time interval for damper and air spring service.

SR Suntour

Recommends a yearly inspection and service for their rear suspensions.

With any of these shock manufacturers, if you're really putting your bike through the ringer you may consider taking your suspension in for service sooner than your recommended time interval.

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