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When & Why to Service Your eBike Fork

Ever wonder when and why to take in your electric mountain bike's fork for maintenance? Hector has your back! In this video, Hector will break down what you need to know about your bike's fork. Suspension is one of the most crucial (and expensive!) parts of your electric mountain bike. Knowing how often to service your electric bike suspension, you'll ensure that it lasts as long as possible. It will also help keep you safe and comfortable on the trails.

Why Should You Service Your eBike Fork?

First, let's talk about why you service your fork. Your fork is a high impact, high performance part of your bicycle.

  • You want to make sure it's always working optimally for your safety as well as to extend the life of your fork.
  • The fork is one of the most expensive parts of your bike, so you want to make sure it lasts for a while.

What is eBike Fork Service?

Broadly, the fork service consists of the air side and the damper side of the fork. So, the main type of service that's done on your fork is the spring side, which comes in two types: either an air spring or a physical metal spring.

  • The air spring side of the fork provides resistance for the fork.
  • The damper provides control of the resistance of that spring which is basically how fast or slow your fork compresses.
  • Depending on the manufacturer of your fork, you may only be servicing the air spring or the coil spring side of the fork, or both the spring and the damper.

What do Different eBike Fork Manufacturers Recommend?


Fox recommends your fork be serviced at least every 125 ride hours or at least once a year, whichever comes first. A professional Fox fork service will include inspection of the entire fork, replacing wiper seals, complete teardown and rebuild of the damper, and full rebuild of the air spring.


RockShox recommends a lower leg service every 50 hours of riding which includes the air spring service, replacing foam seals, and dust wipers. RockShox also recommends a 200 hour service and that includes the whole entire service of the air spring and the damper.

SR Suntour

SR Suntour is a little bit more like Fox where they recommend a complete service done at least once a year.

So if you want worry free riding and optimal performance, service that fork at least once a year. If you're going through mud, rain, and really tough terrain you may consider doing a fork service more often than your manufacturer's recommended time interval.

Enjoy the ride!

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