Bosch 2020 Motor Review

Bosch 2020 Motor Review


Have you ever been so moved by a new product that you just want to shout it from the hilltops? That's what happened to Scott with Bosch's new 2020 motors. The improved ride on his e-bike moved him both physically and, quite frankly, spiritually. We took a spin on the 2020 Performance CX motor and the Performance Speed motor, but we've also detailed the specs of their complete Performance Line and Cargo models.

Bosch boasts a new design at nearly half the size and and the same powerful 75 Nm torque. Add to that an improved delivery of such torque, and you get a bike that's more agile and responsive without motor drag at top speeds. We've put these improvements to the test.

Or, if you're short on time, watch this video!

Smaller, Mightier Motors

Let's start with the fact that the entire line of 2020 Performance and Cargo motors come in at nearly 50% less volume than last year's, and are 2.2 lbs lighter. This means your bike can dance through a terrain like a sprightly woodland creature. We know you're wondering, "But how does a 25% lighter motor offer more power?" We don't know. Magic? It's Bosch's little secret, but we think it might have something to do with the fact that there's a regular chainring up front to allow for more manual torque as you pedal. 

The level of performance with these smaller models really impressed us, so we've broken down the details of each model below.

The Bosch 2020 Performance CX

2020 Bosch Motor Review

The CX offers 75 Nm of torque like in years past. On this motor, you're feeling that 340% assistance right out of the gate. When Scott took this bad boy out, the difference in torque delivery was one of the first things he noticed. The assist worked better and faster on the climb, and he was able to reach 16 mph on a 10% grade easily. He noted a very responsive motor and a much smoother ride. The Bosch CX is made specifically for an off-road experience, and as we've noted, will give you significant assist as soon as you start pedaling. You could say it's a tiny powerhouse. Just like its predecessor, this motor will assist you up to 20 mph. 

2020 Performance Line Speed

Bosch 2020 Motor Review

Also tested was Bosch's 2020 Performance Line Speed motor, which has a similar body to the CX model, but the Speed will boost you up to 28 mph. The good news? You no longer have to compromise power for speed! Last year's high speed motors packed 63 Nm of torque, but Bosch has developed a motor that withstands 28 mph speeds with 75 Nm. That's incredible. Go ahead and bike fast, Ricky Bobby. Bike quietly, too, because this motor is noticeably quieter.

2020 Performance Cruise

The 2020 Bosch Performance Cruise motor has also been revamped to offer 65 Nm of torque in a smaller, lightweight model. That's 300% assist in comparison to the former 275%, and you'll get a smooth, very quiet ride with almost no resistance. It's a versatile motor that'll fit a lower end mountain bike and an upscale city cruiser! Top it off with Bosch's new Smart Phone Hub for your own integrated display, giving you access to your own music and audiobooks, while you map out your route that's customized to your preference. Access Ping to send automated messages with your eta while you're cruising.

Bosch 2020 Motor Review

2020 Cargo Line

For those looking to pack some heat, Bosch has a Cargo line with Cruise, Speed, and CX models available. Since you're traveling with a load, these motors are improved with a 400% assist level that will start at the first pedal stroke. This should help you get moving, and then the assist tapers off at higher speeds when you need it less. Once again, these models are smaller and lighter, but what's amazing is the added load-sensor function. Dropping something off? Bosch's sensor will respond to the difference in weight and adapt with more or less support for your ride. It knows what you need, without you even having to ask. 

The Takeaway

So what do Bosch's improvements mean for you? It just might make for a huge improvement in your daily commute or an upcoming bikepacking journey. Watch Fly Rides' full Bosch playlist to see more Bosch tech, interviews, and bikes with Bosch eBike systems. These new motors are more responsive, adaptable, and engaging. The smaller size, quiet hum, and improved torque make for a smoother ride with the same award-winning Bosch performance you already know. 



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