Bulls eBikes: Grab Your Electric Bike by the Horns and Hold on Tight

Fly Rides and Bulls is the type of partnership that the electric bike industry should strive for. Two companies both dedicated to giving riders a wide selection while still ensuring that quality never drops and that your eBike provides an insanely fun and relentlessly reliable experience from tip to tail--or, rather, handlebars to battery to tires. Whether you're looking for an electric mountain bike with top of the line full suspension front and rear or an urban commuter that will keep you riding in a perfect position so that you hop off of your bicycle ready to take on the day, Fly Rides and Bulls have you covered with the perfect bike.

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Why We Love BULLS Electric Bikes

It's no doubt that this company builds an incredible eBike. But one of the most remarkable aspects of this company is that they build electric bikes with every major motor on the market. Looking for the strength and reliability of the Bosch drive? They have you covered with a wide variety of Bosch motors across their commuting and electric mountain bikes. How about the quiet strength of the Brose S Mag with a massive battery? Yep. Bulls bikes have you there and beyond by offering options from Brose ranging from the hill-crushing Brose S Mag to the 28 mph speed of Brose’s speed motors. But we can keep going! Want lightweight, removable assistance. Well, then, allow us to introduce you to the Wild Flow EVO RS with the Fazua Evation motor. Do you like systems built by titans of the cycling industry? Check out the E-Core EVO series with Shimano STEPS equipped. No matter what pedal assist motor you're looking for, they have you covered with an expert build including top notch hydraulic disc brakes, drivetrains, tires, and more. They've even got commuters that come with not only a front fork, but rear suspension as well. We have no doubt you’ll be stoked whether you're riding road, mountain, gravel, or anywhere else in between!