2017 Bosch Electric Bike Motors

Bosch is one of the leaders in the electric bike market. While many companies make great motors, more and more electric bike manufacturers are moving toward the powerful, quiet, and long-lasting Bosch systems. Part of the benefit of a Bosch motor is that electric bike manufacturers can choose from a few different lines based on if they are making commuting bikes, E-MTB’s, or a cross. This versatility matched with the reliability of this storied company makes for a great electric bike motor. In this post, we’ll help you in understanding different Bosch motors.

First, let’s talk about the general similarities between all the Bosch systems. All three lines (Performance CX, Performance, and Active) come with battery options that offer 300, 400, or 500 watt hours. Basically, the hire the wattage on these, the further you will go. While most bike manufacturers will come standard with one of these options, it’s always nice to have the possibility of an upgrade. All three also have the potential to work on a dual battery system. This means you’re getting double the range. These batteries are some of the lightest and least intrusive on the market.

All of the lines come with easy to operate displays that attach on your handlebars for easy switching between levels of assist. The levels from low to high are: Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo. Finally, all the bikes come with locking systems to keep your battery and your bike safe. Let’s check out the different lines.

Performance Line CX

The Bosch Performance line CX is the golden child for mountain biking, trail riding, and just about any other sporty usage. With the 2017 upgrade, you can now choose to upgrade to a 500 watt hour battery pack, which will take your ride easily over 100+ miles in eco mode.

The Performance line CX offers the highest torque of the trio coming in at 75 newton meters. This means that the second you put pressure on that pedal, the motor kicks in to assist you. This makes hills a breeze even if you’re starting from a stop. The Performance Line CX motors also offers a gear change control. When you change gears, the motor senses this. This helps protect your cassette and chain.

Bosch has also made this motor incredibly rugged. Whether you’re kicking up rocks as you go, riding through water, or just sustaining an accidental bang, Bosch has given you an incredibly tough motor. This is great news for the type of rider who should be looking at the CX. It is truly an off-road juggernaut, and it can take a beating while coming out working like it’s still out of the box.

Here are a few of our favorite bikes that use the Bosch Performance Line CX:

2017 Haibike Xduro DwnHll 8.0

2017 Haibike Xduro Hardnine 5.0

2017 Bulls Monster EF S

2017 Haibike Xduro Fullseven 7.0

Performance Line

The Bosch Performance line offers great assistance whether you’re looking for a motor to take you around town or off-roading. Your main difference in this line is the ability to go 28 mph. This makes it the premier motor for commuting or making quick work of trails.

The max torque on the Performance line is 63 newton meters. This means that even the hilliest commute will become a breeze. This is also great news for winding back roads in rural settings. You can coast around the corners and then immediately continue being assisted uphill without any lag. The motor measures torque, cadence, speed, and acceleration 1,000 times a second for an incredibly integrated feel.

Whether you’re looking to commute, tour, or just go for a cruise, the Performance line is a solid motor.

Here are a few of our favorites with this motor:

2017 Bulls Dail-E Grinder

2017 Haibike Xduro Urban S 5.0

Active Line

The Bosch Active line is the company’s self-described way to rediscover your city. This is the perfect motor for exploring paved roads and keeping you safe around pedestrian and vehicle traffic. With a max 50 newton meters of torque, there’s no city you can’t conquer with the Active line. It also features a backpedal function which helps you to brake without wearing down your pads.

This motor is a great weekend rider, and can be used as a commuter as well. Basically, it’s just another way Bosch has given consumers incredible versatility.

Here is a solid bike using the Active line:

2017 Tern Vektron


So there’s your rundown of the 2017 Bosch Electric Bike Motors. You really can’t go wrong with any of these systems, but hopefully now you can see which one you might want based on your usage. Check out our blog for more info on the 2017 electric bikes. Happy riding!

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