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Haibike Electric Bikes

Is Haibike a Good Brand?

One of the progenitors of high quality eMTB builds continues to do what they do best. We’re talking Haibike of course, and we are as stoked as always to carry these incredible German bikes. 

  • Haibike USA, the American contingent of Haibike, brings top notch electric bikes to the States every year. That’s why we love working with them. Haibike is synonymous with quality eBikes.
  • In 2019, based on a survey of more than 80,000 bikers, E-Mountainbike Magazine rated Haibike the “Best E-Bike Brand" for the third consecutive year. 
  • Haibike is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and performance. They pride themselves on never settling and are constantly pushing what world class performance looks like.
  • Their bikes have won accolades such as the Red Dot design award and the iF Design and Innovation awards. Their riders win awards too! Haibike sponsors competitive bikers like Sam Pilgrim who rode in the 2018 FMB World Tour on a custom-made Haibike dirt bike. 

Does Haibike Only Make eBikes?

Founded in 1995 as the e-bike arm of the German bike brand Winora, Haibike has put all its focus on e-bikes since day one. In fact, Haibike is one of the few e-bike brands that can rightfully claim that it sparked the e-bike revolution. 

  • Haibike leads the e-bike industry as a premium brand and is on the cutty edge of innovation. They’re goal is to make e-bikes comfortable, stylish, accessible, and high-performing. We give them full marks in every category! 
  • Haibike has always been a trend setter, pioneering not only in the electrification of mountain bikes, but also creating the first carbon full-suspension eMTBs, the first e-road bikes, and the first smart ebike system, eConnect. All the things you love about your e-bike, Haibike probably did first. 
  • Because they specialize in e-bikes and e-bikes only, Haibike is able to offer more than 50 models of e-bikes. They are guaranteed to have a bike that suits you. 

Where Are Haibike Bikes Made?

Haibike bikes are manufactured in Schweinfurt, Germany, the same place the brand was founded in 1995. 

  • Nearly three decades later, Haibike is still a family run business. Their daughter was responsible for launching Haibike’s American subsidiary. 
  • The Haibike factory is far more than a mom-and-pop shop. More than 300 employees work in their state of the art factory. 
  • At each step of the assembly line, the bikes are hand built by an expert technician who specialize in each part of the bike. Unlike many bike brands, none of their manufacturing is outsourced, so they are able to keep a close eye on quality. 
  • Haibike works closely with high-end component brands like SRAM and Bosch, who are co-located in the Haibike factory. This lets the brands collaborate closely and push the entire e-bike industry forward. 

Is Haibike Worth the Money?

With prices that range from lowest to highest, Haibike has a bike that fits every budget. With high-end components and long-lasting materials, you’ll always get your money’s worth! 

  • Most models are composed of carbon fiber or aluminum and are equipped with Bosch electronics and SRAM or Shimano components, so you know you’re getting the best available. 
  • Every Haibike bike is durable and specifically designed to last a long time, even with everyday use. 
  • Their eMTB’s are especially hardcore. Equipped with RockShox Yari RC forks and RockShok Delux RT Air rear shocks, these are true off-road bikes. 

Is Haibike a Good Mountain Bike?

EMTBs may be where Haibike’s heart is at, but their road and commuter bikes are nothing to sneeze at. You might think “mountain bikes" when you think of a Haibike, but you’re not going to want to miss a commute on these road warriors.

  • Haibike made their name in the eMTB world by being one of the first companies to equip their incredible full suspension electric mountain bikes with the Bosch Performance motor.
  • Their XDURO lineup makes riders salivate year after year, and they’re always expanding their excellent selection. They’ve got options for every level of eMTB rider from hardcore hardtail folks to downhill shred sled operators.
  • But maybe you’re looking for a commuting electric bike? Haibike has your back there too. 
  • With a streamlined selection, you’ll find a high quality commuter from Haibike in no time. They’ve got Class 1 and Class 3 motor options, so you can choose your speed. And they all carry that quality that you expect. 

Why we love Haibike Electric Bikes

Whether you’re looking for the intensity of the XDURO series, a more cross country full suspension bike like the SDURO, or a full on commuting electric bike, your search won’t take long. 

  • Haibike’s long history in the electric bike industry--and a history of making great bicycles in general--means that any Haibike you ride will keep you happy for a long time. 
  • They think out every aspect of their shred sleds from the handlebars all the way down to the wheels. 
  • If you want reliability from a company who has been in the game longer than almost anybody, buying a Haibike from Fly Rides is the way to go.