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Haibike Electric Mountain Bikes

Haibike made their name in the eMTB world by being one of the first companies to equip their incredible full suspension electric mountain bikes with the Bosch Performance motor. Their XDURO lineup makes riders salivate year after year, and they’re always expanding their excellent selection. They’ve got options for every level of eMTB rider from hardcore hardtail folks to downhill shred sled operators.

Building Every eMTB The Right Way From the Beginning

The Search for a Commuter Just Got Easier

Looking for a commuting electric bike? Haibike has your back there too. With a streamlined selection, you’ll find a high quality commuter from Haibike in no time. They’ve got Class 1 and Class 3 motor options, so you can choose your speed. And they all carry that quality that you expect. You might think “mountain bikes” when you think Haibike, but you’re not going to want to miss a commute on these road warriors.

Power, ePerformance, Everything you Want From Your New Bike

Why We Love Haibike

Whether you’re looking for the intensity of the XDURO series, a more cross country full suspension bike like the SDURO, or a full on commuting electric bike, your search won’t take long. Their long history in the electric bike industry--and a history of making great bicycles in general--means that any Haibike you ride will keep you happy for a long time. The pedal assist motors make you feel the power. They think out every aspect of their shred sleds from the handlebars all the way down to the wheels. If you want reliability from a company who has been in the game longer than almost anybody, buying a Haibike from Fly Rides is the way to go.