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The Gazelle Ultimate T10+ HMB

Elegance, comfort, safety, speed… You’d think I’m describing a BMW 5-Series luxury vehicle. In fact, this perfectly describes the Gazelle Ultimate T10+ electric bike. This stunning bike offers classic styling with contemporary geometry. Every touch point allows for a comfortable ride. Powerful 4-piston brakes safely slow you down on steep descents. The equipped high-torque Class 3 drive unit tops off the featured list. You just can’t look away from this impressive Gazelle electric bike. 

Let's dig into the frame options of the Gazelle Ultimate T10+. The mid-step and the traditional high-step frames are available in Dust Light (Grey) and Champion Red, respectively. Although I personally prefer the flashy red color for higher visibility on the road, the mid-step is frankly easier to get on and off the bike. The geometry does not change between the two frame sizes, as a 53cm (medium) mid-step frame will fit exactly like a 53cm high-step frame. However, if you’re looking for a small size 46cm, your only choice is a mid-step frame. The Ultimate T10+ is not a beach cruiser type bike, but one can easily cruise down to the marina or around town without a problem. It was designed as a comfortable commuter-type bike, and it stands out above the rest. 

Bosch eBike Battery

Bosch eBike Battery

Other points to make on the frame include an amazing paint job. The gloss finish makes it easy to keep clean and stands out among other commuter bikes. With the 500Wh Bosch Powertube battery integrated into the downtube, the center of gravity is lower when compared to rear rack mounted bikes. This allows you to quickly maneuver around obstacles if and when they arise on your commute. Front and rear fenders, front and rear lights, and integrated rear rack make this an ultimate commuting machine. One small feature I like is that the front headlight is located on the handlebars, up high and more visible than down at the fork. Keep in mind that if you're looking for more range that some of these frame sizes allow for a secondary battery mounted to the frame to double your range!

Comfort is key when you’re on the saddle on your commute. Heck, it’s important when you’re riding down to the store. The Gazelle Ultimate T10+ has arguably the most comfortable saddle available as standard equipment. The Selle Royal Essenza+ feels like you’re sitting on memory foam. Ergonomic handlebars and Ergon brand grips (GP1 model) also take pressure off your wrists while riding. The handlebar stem is also adjustable from -10 degrees to 60 degrees, allowing you to fit the bike to your riding posture. Lets not forget the Ultimate T10+ comes with a 100mm air sprung fork. The Suntour Mobie 45-AIR will take the bite out of any rough road. 

Griffith Park 

Test ride:

I took a high-step Gazelle Ultimate T10+ size 53cm through Griffith Park in Los Angeles for a solid 12 mile ride. The roads through the park are not well paved and in many cases, I found myself riding through gravel and heavily pitted stretches of road. The Ultimate T10+’s comfort package honestly surprised me as I did not feel like the Schwalbe Energizer Plus tires were going to slip from under me. Even the rubberized platform pedals kept my feet planted on the bike. The fork suspension kept the rubber side down, my hands never slipped off the grips, and the saddle also absorbed much of the bumps. With a more upright posture, I had a comfortable, speedy ride around the park. 

You’ll notice, many commuter ebike manufacturers will skimp on brakes in order to save money. Gazelle did no such thing and still made an affordable, powerful, and long lasting commuter ebike. They included mountain bike capable brakes on the Ultimate T10+. The Shimano BR-MT520 4-piston brake calipers are powerful brakes that can safely get you from 28 mph down to zero in no time, even when riding down hill. It has a 180mm rotor in the front and a 160mm in the rear for exceptional stopping power. Long levers with reach adjustability gives you plenty of leverage to stop using just 1 finger!

28mph eBike

Bosch eBike Motor

The Bosch Gen4 Performance Speed drive unit is simply the most refined motor on the market. It offers smooth acceleration on flat roads and 85Nm of torque to help you scale any steep hill and it assists you up to 28mph. Some would say that 28mph is too fast. If you’re comfortable at that speed on your commute when riding on a bike path or road, I say utilize what you got. Otherwise, you can dial it back from Turbo and choose between the other 3 power options, Sport, Tour and Eco. Remember, comfort is key and choosing the correct gear to match the power of the drive unit will lead to safe and memorable rides. 

I can describe so many more amazing features of this awesome Gazelle electric bike, but this article will turn into a multi-chapter literary work in short order. Honorable mentions include on-frame cafe bike lock, water bottle bosses, and Shimano’s 10-speed Deore drivetrain with clutch. I am truly amazed by the bike Gazelle designed and manufactured. You can quickly and comfortably ride down the road or 50 miles round trip on your commute with the Ultimate T10+. The Gazelle Ultimate T10+, in my book, is the Ultimate Commuting Machine


Check out the full video review of the Gazelle Ultimate T10+ HMB Below!!

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