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Review of the Mondraker Level R eMTB

Finding an excellent bike in a niche riding category like enduro and downhill electric mountain biking is never easy. Check out our detailed review to see if this entry level version of the downhill mountain biking friendly Mondraker Level Series can carve out its own space.  (Hint: it does…and then some)
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What is Mondraker’s Story?

The Mondraker brand has built a stellar race reputation on their forward geometry and zero suspension and now have partnered with Bosch to make some of the most reliable and fast paced eMTBs on the market. So what makes Mondraker ebikes so special? Design. It is a simple fact. We aren’t just talking about the stunning lines or perfect battery integrations, we are talking about it all. It is hard to sum up in a blog and really the best way to know the feeling is to ride them.

Not many shops have these bikes in stock or even have access to them, so we are here to help you decide from afar. If you don’t have access to test ride these ebikes, experts like us can help you decide which model is right for you. We ride, we review and we know how they feel.

Mondraker wants to keep making waves in the US and they have priced and spec’d their bikes to make them a no-brainer for the consumer. Don’t fret about them being new(ish) to the United States. They have a storied history in Spain. If needed, we have all warranty related concerns covered.

Our Mondraker Level R Ride Reaction

If you've ever thought that playful handling and hard-hitting downhill were incompatible, well I've got news for you, and that news is the Mondraker Level R. This downhill shred sled is pushing the limits of what electric mountain bikes can do at a price point that is going to be appealing to those who are just dipping their toe into the downhill game.

We are going to need to seriously thrash this bike in order to make sure that it holds up to the downhill rigors that we know some of you can put it through, and there's only one man for the job when it comes to shredding at Fly Rides. Watch the full video above to see Austen terrify his wife on the Mondraker Level R.

Here are a few highlights:

  • It's Mondraker's staple enduro eMTB featuring a full 29er wheelset with 180 millimeters of travel up front and 170 millimeters of travel in the frame. And, yes. You heard me right. Full 29er.
  • This bike is a beast. It's just meant to crush over everything you point it at.
  • This is an intense trail, but this bike was made to handle it
  • Heart rate's at 155 right now and about to pedal into this really steep rock roll… definitely going to take advantage of this short stem which is going to keep me well balanced along with that slack head tube angle.
  • We’re going to head into a long chunky straightaway into a jump between two rocks where this 180 mil travel with the 170 coil in the rear is going to be soaking it all up in combination with those full 29ers.
  • This bike is an absolute beast. It still carries everything that I thought about the Crafty and how well it rides, but just in a little bit heavier package, with a little bit more of an aggressive suspension setup with that 180 mil travel up front (as opposed to 160 on the Crafty).
  • Yeah, this bike is for somebody that wants to send it and be able to hit big jumps, hit big drops, and charge through rock gardens as we just did right there.
  • Or, for somebody that just really wants the ultimate comfort out of their bike. Similar to the Niner WFO E9…makes it climb extremely well.
  • With that coil, if you’re looking for a super comfort driven plus suspension setup e-bike, this is probably the bike for you.

How About Those Mondraker Specs?

Leading the way on the Mondraker Level R is going to be that Bosch Smart system.

  • That's a Bosch CX motor with 85 newton meters of torque and 250 watts.
  • Plus, that industry-leading 750-watt hour battery. That’s a lot of range!
  • Mondraker has you set up with the complete Bosch Smart System with that Bosch LED remote and Kiox 300 display. SeeHERE for our Bosch Smart System review

The motor partners with a SRAM GX Eagle 12-speed derailleur on an 11 to 50 tooth cassette in the back. SRAM is going to round out the group set as well

  • SRAM derailleurs come with single click levers which I'm a big fan of because it helps me protect that derailleur from its worst!
  • You get beefy Code-R brakes (four piston hydraulic disc brakes)
  • Even beefier rotor setup: 220 millimeter rotor up front and a 200 millimeter rotor in the back.

Mondraker comes with a very unique suspension setup that I personally love. The zero-suspension system. It keeps you on the ground during intense climbs but it is very playful in the descent and definitely helps eat up some of those bigger drops.

  • It pairs nicely with a 180 millimeter travel fork – Fox 38 Float Performance with a FIT GRIP damper inspired by motocross.
  • This helps with the big hits the bike is designed for.

Mondraker must really love you guys because they have got you set up with one of the best downhill shocks.

  • It’s the downhill-ready Fox DHX2 Performance Elite shock.
  • I was kind of surprised to see it on this bike, especially at this price point. It definitely helps set this bike apart from any other downhill enduro eMTB.

Mondraker is also set apart by their forward geometry.

  • This is basically a way to keep their enduro options much more playful than other enduro downhill bikes, and I'm a big fan.
  • The geometry is staying about the same this year at a 65 degree head tube angle and a 73.5 seat tube angle.

Final Thoughts on the Mondraker Level R

We’ve talked about and seen how deliciously the Mondraker Level R shreds, but I also have to say that for riders like me there really isn't a Mondraker that isn't a great option.

What I loved about the Level R is that I was still able to do my favorite singletrack trails just with a little bit more confidence and comfort, while also dipping my toe into the downhill game. The forward geometry really does allow for quite a lot of playfulness, and that zero suspension helps you stick to trails really well if you're using this bike on less intense trails.

Why would you get an enduro bike with the Bosch Smart System?

  • First of all, it is the only way you're going to be able to get a 750 watt hour battery from Bosch. While that battery is going to add a little bit of weight to your bike, the benefits outweigh the negatives
  • You’re going to be able to lap your favorite enduro trails more throughout the day, and it's going to be less dangerous because you can just keep your assistance in turbo and not have to worry about running out of battery.
  • This helps you to remain very focused on the downhills.

My concerns about the extra weight were quelled after riding the bike. Mondraker knows what they're doing with their designs. While it is definitely most appropriate for downhill and enduro usage, there's no question that you can use it for all mountain riding as well. In my opinion, a little extra travel never hurt anyone.

Why Fly Rides?

Fly Rides makes buying your ebike easy. We provide expert guidance, excellent post-purchase support, and competitive pricing.

  • We are passionate riders and only sell what we’ve tested ourselves.
  • We work hard to make sure you spend more time riding and less time in the shop, but when you do need our support, we’re there for you because you’re part of the Fly Ride family.
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