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Review of the Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500

One of the most popular hardtail electric mountain bikes in terms of units sold in 2021 is back for 2022! We put the Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500 through its paces to see if hardtail eMTBs can hold up to the rigors of rock gardens, creek crossings, and singletrack. There's no doubt this is a versatile machine, but if it can't take everything you can throw at it on the trails, is it really worth it? Find out by watching our video review below!
  • Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500 hardtail eMTB in Grey n' red side view on Fly Rides
  • Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500 hardtail eMTB in Flashgrey n' green side view on Fly Rides
  • Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500 hardtail eMTB front fork closeup on Fly Rides
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The Cube team are bike enthusiasts. They make bikes that embody pure cycling, that broaden our horizons and that they love to ride themselves. Their entire passion and know-how goes into every bike. In the end, they and we – all of us – benefit from this. Because only new ideas can get the world rolling, they never stop working on developing the perfect bike. For you, for everyone else.


Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500 hardtail eMTB in Grey n' red side view on Fly Rides

Starting off with that Bosch Performance CX Generation 4 motor with 85 newton meters of torque and also 250 watts.

  • This classic, Class 1 eMTB motor is going to be outfitted on the Reaction Hybrid Pro.
  • That pairs with a 500 watt hour battery, that's going to get you at least 20-40 miles pretty easily, more if you're being more conservative with that battery and maybe you're on flatter terrain as well.


Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500 hardtail eMTB in Flashgrey n' green side view on Fly Rides

The Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro comes with a Shimano Deore derailleur with 11 speeds, but it's going to be an 11-51 tooth cassette which is a huge gear ratio. That's about as big a cassette as you see on most high-level, full suspension eMTBs.

  • That groupset is going to be rounded out with Shimano MT-200 hydraulic disc brakes front and rear on 180 mm rotors.
  • Of course, it is a hardtail eMTB which means there's only going to be suspension up front, but you have got the X-Fusion MIG32 with lockout and 100 mm of travel on this bike. The lockout's nice because this is an excellent bike both for getting to the trail and also riding on trails.
  • If you've got some climbs on the roads on the way to the trails and when you get to hills on the trail as well, you can lock out that fork and really get some excellent efficiency out of this bike. That X-Fusion fork is going to be an air spring as well which is a nice added bonus. Frequently you'll see spring coils in these 100 mm forks, but having that air fork is going to add a lot of comfort.
  • Since it is a hardtail eMTB you're definitely going to want some plus sized tires on this and Cube has you set up with it. It is going to be the Schwalbe Smart Sam tires that are 2.6" wide. I really like the smart sam tires on this bike, because again, it's a very versatile bike in that it can ride on roads and trails. These smart sam tires have enough nobbiness so that on the trails you're definitely gripping that dirt, but when you're on the roads it's not complete overkill.


Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500 hardtail eMTB front fork closeup on Fly Rides

One of the things I love about this bike is that it's a bike for riders of all shapes, sizes, and ability levels, and the reason I always like to say that is because it has frame sizes as small as 13.5" and trapeze frames.

  • That means this hardtail emtb doesn't just have the typical top tube, but it has a low step option as well. That 13.5" frame as well is going to fit riders that are right around 5' as well and sometimes less.
  • When you look at it, it truly looks like a bike that could get just about anyone out on the trails. It's great for beginners, but it can be really fun for advanced riders as well.


You might not think geometry is as important on a hardtail eMTB, but I would argue that it's even more important than on a full suspension and Cube has you set up with their Agile Trail Geometry with a 74 degree seat tube angle and a 68 degree head tube angle.

  • This is excellent for cross country and singletrack usage, but it does allow you to grow into the bike a little bit if you want to go on something that's a little more intense in the future.


Fly Rides makes buying your ebike easy. We provide expert guidance, excellent post-purchase support, and competitive pricing.

  • We are passionate riders and only sell what we’ve tested ourselves.
  • We work hard to make sure you spend more time riding and less time in the shop, but when you do need our support, we’re there for you because you’re part of the Fly Ride family and offer free warranty support.
  • We are Cubes biggest dealer in the USA and always have stock and availability.

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