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Review of the Mondraker Crafty R eMTB

Spanish electric mountain bikes are not messing around this year, and the Mondraker Crafty R is no exception. The much-loved Mondraker Crafty is back with a Bosch Smart System, Fox suspension, and the same enduro ride you loved from last year. The Crafty R is the entry-level model for 2022, and it offers a litany of quality components. Add to that the incredible Mondraker Zero Suspension System and Forward Geometry, and you've got an All Mountain/Enduro eMTB capable of just about anything.

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The Mondraker Story

The Mondraker brand has built a stellar race reputation on their forward geometry and zero suspension and now have partnered with Bosch to make some of the most reliable and fast paced eMTBs on the market. So what makes Mondraker ebikes so special? Design. It is a simple fact. We aren’t just talking about the stunning lines or perfect battery integrations, we are talking about it all. It is hard to sum up in a blog and really the best way to know the feeling is to ride them.

Not many shops have these bikes in stock or even have access to them, so we are here to help you decide from afar. If you don’t have access to test ride these ebikes, experts like us can help you decide which model is right for you. We ride, we review and we know how they feel.

Mondraker wants to keep making waves in the US and they have priced and spec’d their bikes to make them a no-brainer for the consumer. Don’t fret about them being new(ish) to the United States. They have a storied history in Spain. If needed, we have all warranty related concerns covered.

Mondraker Crafty R Specs?

The bread and butter of the Mondraker electric mountain bike lineup is back for 2022. The Crafty R is one of the base models for Mondraker's Crafty series. With a playful geometry but specs that can handle a beating where it matters, these bikes are approachable for any rider both in price and in riding style.

  • Mondraker has decided to give you the full Bosch Smart System package, including both the Bosch LED Remote and that Kiox 300 display. Many of Mondraker's eMTBs are coming with this brand new system this year.
  • Plus, a 750-watt hour battery, which is the marquee update on the Bosch Smart System, a Bosch CX motor with 85 nm of torque and 250 watts. That is one of the strongest motors on the market.
  • Those bosch brains and brawn meet beauty in that derailleur. You've got a SRAM GX Eagle 12-speed derailleur. 11-50 tooth cassette. SRAM rounds out your groupset as well with G2 R hydraulic disc brakes with 4 pistons and 200mm rotors front and rear.
  • 29er wheelset with 2.6” wide Maxxis Minions front and rear.

A Closer Look at Mondraker’s Zero Suspension Setup

You might know a little something about Mondraker's Zero Suspension setup if you've watched our Intro to Mondraker video.

  • But whether or not you know anything about the Zero Suspension system, you're definitely going to recognize the incredible Fox suspension front and rear. Up front, you've got 160mm of travel in the fork. It is going to be a Fox 38 Float performance with a fit grip damper.
  • The Fit Grip damper is a motocross-designed damper that is newer and combines just about everything you like about a Grip damper with the Fit damper as well.
  • That pattern continues with the rear shock in the back. You've got the Fox Float X. This is rapidly becoming my favorite rear shock in the industry. It feels good on every bike that I've ridden it on so far. Honestly, it’s great to see the Fox Float X instead of something like the DPS.

I've always been a big fan of that Zero Suspension system. I don't like four-point suspension setups as much as these systems that feel a little bit more rigid in the climb like the Zero Suspension system. But what is really nice about Mondraker's setup is that things do feel like they're loosening up and get playful when you start to take it downhill.

Carbon or Aluminum?

I think a lot of times people might see 160 mm of travel and assume it's kind of like a

boat, you're just going to have to go straight downhill and that's it. But what I love about

the Mondraker Craftys is that they are way more playful than you might realize.

  • Newer riders will definitely appreciate the ability to stay on the ground because of the way the geometry is on the Crafty R, but it is also a bike you can grow into because you have a 38mm stanchion fork up front with 160mm of travel along with some incredible suspension in the back.
  • A solid derailleur that should last you quite some time if you're keeping it in tune, and, of course, one of the best, most reliable motors on the market with one of the highest watt-hours that you can possibly get.
  • Mondraker groups the Crafty R with its all mountain bikes, and the geometry is definitely appropriate for an all-mountain enduro bike where you're still wanting some nice playfulness, but you're definitely taking some big hits.

This is a bike that you'll not only enjoy riding, but it gives you the ability to make mistakes if you're not the best rider in the world because it does have a lot of forgiveness built-in with that grounded suspension, plus-sized tires, and massive battery meaning you can just keep running the same lap all day until you're an expert.

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