2017 Haibike Sduro Full Fatsix 7.0 Review

January 09, 2017

2017 Haibike Sduro Full Fatsix 7.0 Review

The 2017 Haibikes have arrived! Across the line, Haibike has given 2017 customers some solid upgrades and a brand new numbering system for an easier understanding of the Haibike hierarchy. We’ve focused a lot on reviewing the Xduro models, but now we’re going towards the Sduros. Here is our 2017 Haibike Sduro Full Fatsix 7.0 Review.

Fat tire bikes are always a blast to ride. Haibike has one of the wider selections for electric fat tire bikes. The Full Fatsix 7.0 offers a few notable upgrades from the 2016 model.

Probably the most significant upgrade was the move from a 400 watt hour battery to a 500 watt hour battery. Yamaha and Haibike are offering this upgrade on a solid number of Sduro bikes this year. This improvement means that riders will be able to take their ebikes further per charge. The Yamaha motor continues to be a great, efficient and quiet motor. Coming in at 500 watts, the Yamaha PX system gives the ability to climb some hefty hills and get up to speed quickly.

2017 Haibike Sduro Full Fatsix 7.0 review

The 4” wide Scwalbe Jumbo Jim Evo 100-559 tires allow you to take on just about any trail, mountain, or beach that you want. Combine that with RockShox front and rear suspension and you’ve got one of the cushiest off road electric bikes on the market. The rear and front thru axles also provide a very sturdy experience. For shifting and braking, Haibike has done a short of lateral move to Shimano parts. For me, this really had no bearing on how I felt when comparing the 2016 to the 2017. Both last year and this years brakes and shifting was pretty flawless.

2017 Haibike Sduro Full Fatsix 7.0 review

The ride was great! Seriously couldn’t feel a single bump in the road. I loved taking this bike it on the beach because there just aren’t that many bikes you can do that with. It’s definitely more difficult, but if you decrease your tire pressure a bit and pump up the assist, loose terrain shouldn’t give you any trouble.

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Keep an eye out for the rest of our reviews on the 2017 bikes! Happy riding!

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