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Frequently Asked Questions

Giant Electric Bikes

Is Giant a Good Bike Company?

We couldn't be more excited to add Giant electric bikes to our line! No matter your skill level, riding style, budget, or preferences, Giant has a bike for everyone. In fact, Giant is one of the world’s largest bike manufacturers. 

  • The bikes they make are such good quality that some of the bike world’s most reputable brands are also manufactured by Giant. 
  • Giant has made a name for itself by never compromising on quality. They source their components from only the most reputable brands like Shimano and KMC. 
  • Giant’s mountain bikes are considered to be the best-performing mountain bikes globally, attracting pros from all over the world, and Giant’s e-MTBs are no exception.

Where are Giant Bikes Manufactured?

Founded in 1972, Giant is headquartered in Taiwan. In addition to factories across Taiwan, Giant has factories in China, the Netherlands, and Hungry. 

  • With factories in Taiwan, China, the Netherlands, and Hungary, Giant is considered to be the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer. 
  • Even more impressive is the number of manufacturing functions that Giant manages in-house. While other bike companies might outsource some of these steps, Giant designs their own frames, manufactures their own components, and even produces accessories like helmets and shoes, all in-house.  
  • In fact, Giant buys the carbon for their frames in raw spools and produces their own carbon sheets, rather than buying their carbon pre-processed. They even own their own aluminum mines and smelters! 
  • Directly controlling these fundamental manufacturing processes gives Giant impressive quality control and allows them to produce exceptionally high-quality bikes with precision and attention to every detail. 

Does Giant Make an E-Bike?

Giant introduced their first electric bike in 2016. Now, they carry dozens of models including road bikes, gravel bikes, eMTBs, and leisure bikes. Giant is serious about having something for everyone. 

  • Every Giant e-bike features their proprietary SyncDrive mid-drive motor and integrated batteries to give you a longer range. They also include advanced technologies such as the Smart Assist ride experience, EnergyPak battery systems, fast chargers, and a dedicated app. 
  • Just like their acoustic bikes, these e-bikes feature big, fast-rolling tires for better traction and stability, suspension forks with plenty of travel for better control, plus high-end disc brakes, Shimano drivetrains, stainless spokes, custom saddles, and more impressive features. 
  • Giant uses High-Performance Grade raw carbon material to produce their custom frames through a proprietary manufacturing process that molds the front triangle in one piece. These frames feature a high stiffness-to-weight ratio. 

What is the Range of a Giant E-Bike?

Giant e-bikes are built to take you farther than you could bike without pedal assist. But just how far will a Giant e-bike go? 

  • The distance you can travel on an e-bike varies based on a wide range of factors including the weight of the rider, the steepness of the climb, and even things like the air temperature and pedaling style, even with batteries of the same size. 
  • Obviously, the biggest factor in the range is the size of the battery. 
  • Giant e-bikes come equipped with batteries ranging from 300 to 500-watt batteries. 
  • On average, these bikes will take you 30 - 50 miles on a full charge.
  • Plus there are some simple steps you can take to get the most out of your battery, including fully charging your battery before you ride, keeping your tires at the appropriate pressure, and using eco mode.

Why We Love Giant Electric Bikes

Whether you want an eMTB that will let you hit trails as hard as before, if not harder, or if you to enjoy speed, cover long distances, and look cool, Giant has something for everyone.  

  • Giant electric bikes offer excellent bang for your buck. With a wide range of styles at a wide range of price points, almost any rider can find a great bike at a great value. 
  • Giant isn’t a brand that rests on its laurels. Not satisfied with merely having a reputation for durable, affordable, and reliable bikes, or being the world’s biggest manufacturer of bikes, they are always at the forefront of technical advances, pushing the industry forward. You could even say they’re a “Giant" in the industry.