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IZIP Electric Bikes: Classic Design, Quality Performance

IZIP has been a leader in electric bikes for the American rider since the early days of eBikes. Their classic, casual designs make them a top choice for both commuters and leisure riders. Choose between beach cruisers with swept-back handlebars to keep you in that comfortable, upright riding position, step-through commuters elegantly designed with the battery in the downtube for a sleek look, and classic commuters with a rear rack and plus sized tires. Whether you’re riding road or bike paths with your electric steed, an IZIP electric bike might be exactly what you’ve been waiting to ride.

Mid Drive Power, Bosch Reliability

A mid drive motor is really the only way to go in the eBike realm these days, and every IZIP E3 bicycle comes with one of the best--a Bosch mid drive motor. Along with the Bosch battery, these motors provide quiet pedal assistance and are matched perfectly with each bike in the IZIP E3 lineup.

Why We Love IZIP

IZIP is the perfect selection for riders who want a simple and reliable option. You still get all the features you’d expect on a bicycle with a German motor like fenders, disc brakes, and excellent drivetrains, but at a price that will make you feel as carefree about jumping into the eBike game as you do when you’re on one of these excellent rides. We have partnered with IZIP for years because they have a tradition of excellence within the American electric bike industry that is almost unrivaled. Whether you’re a commuter looking for a bit of speed for climbing those annoying, sweat-inducing hills, or a weekend warrior just looking to explore a little further down that beach path you love riding, we know you’ll fall in love with your IZIP on the first ride.

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