Pivot eMTBs: Full Carbon Perfection

No one has been doing full carbon eMTBs quite as well for quite as long as Pivot. With features like the DW link, Fox suspension, and an aggressive head angle and seat tube angle, Pivot mountain bikes have been the belle of the ball across the cycling sector for years. They perform at the highest levels which is why Pivot touts an arsenal of UCI downhill championships. Enter the Pivot Shuttle. Pivot has taken everything riders love about their excellent mountain bike design and refined it for their eMTB. They were one of the first brands to bring the discerning rider a full-carbon electric bike designed for rugged mountain trails. In fact, it wouldn’t be quite right to say it’s a “Pivot eBike.” Because the Pivot Shuttle isn’t an electric bike. It’s an electric mountain bike and one that will make you ride downhill in a way you never thought was possible.

Pivot eBikes Video Playlist

Why We Love Pivot

There’s a lot of benefits in being the first to do something. And Pivot was one of the first to make an ultralight, full powered eMTB. Over the years, they have refined their Pivot Shuttle--which was already an excellent bike the first year it was released--so that it remains one of the best full carbon eMTBs available to consumers. Their partnership with Shimano sets you up with one of the best motor and battery combos on the market from a company who has been making excellent bike components longer than most of us have been alive. They set you up with excellent suspension front and rear, a massive battery to help catapult you up hills, and top quality components that are well worth the price. With Pivot, you’re buying a tradition of excellence focused into one excellent eMTB. At Fly Rides, we curate the best bikes for our customers to ride. There was never any question in our minds about having or not having the Shuttle. It’s top notch. The only question is whether or not you’re ready to ride one.