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Raleigh Electric Bikes

Raleigh is a name that is so synonymous with cycling in America that it’s difficult to separate the two. If you didn’t grow up riding a Raleigh bike, you surely know somebody who did. They’ve been one of the most popular bicycle brands for years. Now, you can replicate that feeling you got riding your bike in childhood by picking up one of Raleigh’s electric bikes! At Fly Rides, we know Raleigh is a huge part of the American cycling tradition which is why we carry every Raleigh electric bike. Whether you’re looking to ride your local trail, roll down by the beach on a cruiser, or commute out there on the mean streets with electric pedal assist speed, Raleigh has an option for you.

Retroglide Royale iE Step Thru

Detour iE Step Over

Venture iE Step Thru

Why We Love Raleigh 

You already know that this brand is one of the top names in the bike world, but their eBikes really solidify their place in the future of cycling. They partner with other top brands like Bosch to bring you some of the best pedal assist bikes at prices that riders won’t even blink an eye at. These are great bikes to buy if you are first getting into the eBike world, but you’ll likely find yourself coming back for another once you feel those wheels hit the dirt or pavement. These bikes aren’t just popular either. They live up to the hype with quality components like chunky tires for safety and comfort, batteries that will assist you in getting up to speed, and powerful hydraulic disc brakes. So if you’re looking for a brand that you know has been around for a long time and will be around for much longer, shop Raleigh. That’s why they made the cut for Fly Rides. We curate a distinct selection of eBikes, and we expect Raleigh to be in that selection for many years to come.

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