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Best Electric Mountain Bikes for Shorter Riders

Discovering the ideal electric mountain bike (eMTB) as a shorter rider involves more than just standover height. This guide explores key considerations and highlights top eMTB options, focusing on comfort, control, and performance. We delve into various categories, including women's specific eMTBs, lightweight full suspension models, and all-mountain trail eMTBs with 160mm of travel, all tailored for shorter individuals. Additionally, we feature low step eMTBs for easy mounting and dismounting. Whether you seek agility, comfort, or accessibility, this guide will help you find the perfect eMTB to elevate your riding experience. Stay tuned for in-depth reviews and recommendations. Happy trails!

To read more about what size bike to get, check out this post on how to choose the right size eBike).

Read on for the Fly Rides team’s suggestions for the best eMTBs for riders 5'5" (165 cm) and below!  No matter what eMTB you choose, give us a call if you ever want clarification on the fit. 

Thanks for reading and enjoy the ride!

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Beyond Standover Height: Why Choosing a Small Bike Goes Beyond Clearance

Are you a shorter rider eyeing the trails on an electric mountain bike? Before fixating solely on standover height, let's explore why it's just one piece of the puzzle in finding your perfect ride. While it's tempting to prioritize standover clearance, especially for off-road adventures, relying solely on this metric might lead to overlooking other critical factors that contribute to a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

Firstly, standover height serves as a rough guideline for frame size, but it doesn't account for variations in body proportions and riding preferences. Even if you can't fully stand over a top tube off-road, a well-fitted bike can provide ample clearance during dynamic riding situations, ensuring you feel balanced and in control on the trails.

Additionally, focusing solely on standover height might limit your options unnecessarily. Many bikes, especially those designed for off-road use, feature innovative frame geometries and designs that prioritize maneuverability and stability over traditional standover clearance. These designs often incorporate sloping top tubes or alternative frame shapes to optimize performance without compromising on comfort or safety.

Moreover, saddle height and reach play crucial roles in bike fit, affecting your pedaling efficiency and overall comfort. A bike with a suitable saddle height and reach will allow you to maintain a natural riding position, minimizing strain on your body and enhancing your riding experience, regardless of standover clearance.

Ultimately, the key to finding the right bike lies in considering a combination of factors, including standover height, frame geometry, saddle height, and reach, to ensure a tailored fit that suits your unique body and riding style. While standover height is important, it's just one piece of the puzzle in selecting your ideal ride.

So, as you embark on your search for the perfect electric mountain bike, remember to look beyond standover clearance and prioritize a comprehensive assessment of all factors that contribute to a comfortable and confidence-inspiring ride. With the right bike, you'll be ready to conquer the trails with ease and enjoyment, regardless of your height.

Best Full Suspension Women's Specific eMTB

The Bulls Aminga TR 1 stands out as a premier choice for female riders, offering a blend of performance, comfort, and style. Crafted with a lightweight aluminum frame, this eMTB features a women-specific geometry, including a lower standover height, which ensures a more comfortable and confident riding position. The 27.5" wheels are perfectly sized for optimal handling, lower center of gravity, and maneuverability on challenging trails, making it easier for women to navigate technical terrain with precision.

With 120mm of travel, the Aminga TR 1 strikes a balance between responsiveness and stability, allowing riders to tackle tricky terrain with ease while maintaining control. The women-specific components, such as the saddle and handlebars, are designed to accommodate the female anatomy, enhancing comfort and reducing fatigue on long rides.

Equipped with a powerful Bosch Performance Line CX motor and a long-lasting 625Wh battery, the Aminga TR 1 delivers reliable, smooth and consistent power, ensuring a thrilling ride from start to finish. The Shimano XT/SLX 12-speed drivetrain provides reliable shifting, while the Shimano "one finger" hydraulic disc brakes offer better control and stopping power.

Whether you're an experienced rider looking to conquer semi-challenging trails or a beginner seeking a reliable and comfortable eMTB, the Bulls Aminga TR 1 is designed to meet the needs of female riders of most levels. Available at a discounted price of $2999, the Bulls Aminga TR 1 offers outstanding value for its premium features.

Disclaimer: anyone looking for a more capable eMTB for faster, steeper terrain, may want to move on to the next slides...

Best Small Lightweight Full Suspension eMTB

Designed with precision for smaller riders, the Transition Relay Carbon GX AXS in size XS is a beast of a bike in a small package. Boasting a compact frame with only a 405mm reach and agile 27.5" wheels, it's tailored for those seeking enhanced maneuverability and responsiveness.

With a medium frame coming in at 42.5lbs with the battery and 37.5lbs without, this eMTB offers unparalleled versatility. Its modular design seamlessly transitions between electric and traditional riding, catering to diverse trail preferences without requiring tools. Two bikes in one!

Powered by the Fazua Ride 60 motor, delivering 430Wh of energy and 60Nm of torque, the Relay XS boasts customizable power modes - Breeze, River, and Rocket - ensuring optimal performance across varied terrain.

The GiddyUp suspension design offers 160mm of rear travel paired with premium components including a Fox Float X Performance rear shock, Fox Float 36 Grip 2 Factory fork, SRAM Code Ultimate Stealth brakes, and SRAM GX AXS Eagle Transmission, the Relay XS offers uncompromising performance for adventurous riders. Whether conquering steep climbs or navigating challenging descents, this lightweight eMTB is the perfect companion for smaller riders aiming to elevate their trail experiences.

Best Small Full Power eMTB with 160mm+ of Travel

Yamaha YDX Moro Full suspension eMTB Side profile Fly Rides USA
At $4499, the Yamaha YDX Moro is a fantastic eMTB that was designed to appeal to a wide range of riders with varying levels of skill.

Not only is it capable with a 160mm fork, but with the stock 27.5 + wheel set, it’s very approachable with a lower standover height for smaller riders. As for the motor, you’ll be seeing Yamaha’s 80Nm torque PW-X2 which is paired alongside a 500Wh battery. Looking at the frame, the unique Dual Twin design found on the Moro was engineered around the concept of centralized mass, which in turn leads to a very planted and controlled ride.

Overall, we think the Moro is a fantastic all mountain eMTB that will appeal to smaller riders looking for longer travel, smaller 27.5 wheels with wide plus size tires, and lower standover height!

Best Low Step eMTB

Bulls Copperhead EVO 2 750 Wave eMTB hard tail light grey gold side profile white background on Fly Rides
Finally, a true eMTB without a top tube! No more swinging your leg over the bar to get on and off when you ride the Bulls Copperhead EVO HD Wave.

Featuring a rugged hardtail frame, you can descend with speed and confidence, with wide tires for awesome grip, and a true eMTB feel. It comes in a 41 cm frame- if you're 4'10”-5'3" this is the size for you. It even comes in white!
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