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Best Electric Mountain Bikes for Shorter Riders

Are you a shorter person who’s looking to hit the trails on an electric mountain bike? Not to worry! There are plenty of killer full-suspension and hardtail electric mountain bikes made specifically for people with a lower standover height that offer excellent components and a first-class riding experience. There are even off-road electric bikes with a lower or no top tube. At Fly Rides, we understand how important it is to find an eMTB that will be incredibly fun to ride, and fits YOU perfectly. Keep in mind e-bike fit varies between all riders and it depends a lot on your body’s geometry, standover height, reach, etc. (To read more about what size bike to get, check out this video post on how to choose the right size ebike).

Read on for the Fly Rides team’s suggestions for the best eMTBs for riders 5'5" (165 cm) and below!  No matter what eMTB you choose, give us a call if you ever want clarification on the fit. Try and have your inseam measurement and be ready to describe the style of riding you wish to do. Thanks for reading and enjoy the ride!

Best Full Suspension Women's Specific eMTB

Giant Liv Embolden E2 Womens eMTB

Giant Liv Embolden E+2

At just $4400, the 2023 LIV Embolden E +2 is not only incredibly affordable for a full suspension eMTB, but it also happens to be designed specifically for women! LIV, which sits under the Giant Bicycles umbrella, is a brand whose sole focus is designing bikes dedicated to women. A few key geometry characteristics that aim towards the women's specific design are the narrower handlebars, shorter reach and most importantly, a shorter standover height!

The Embolen E+2 comes spec’d with a 70Nm Giant SyncDrive Sport motor that was designed in collaboration with Yamaha, meaning they’re not only powerful, but insanely reliable! You’ll also get a 500Wh internally mounted battery that can be extended using the frame mounted 250Wh Giant EnergyPak Plus range extender! For the price, you won’t find a better, more comfortable women's specific full suspension electric mountain bike. Available in sizes XS,S,M,L.

Click here to see the full specs and best pricing on the 2023 LIV Embolden E +2

Best Small Lightweight Full Suspension eMTB

Orbea Rise

Are you having a hard time with the thought of giving up your acoustic MTB for a “heavy” electric mountain bike? If that’s the case, the Orbea Rise should be on your shortlist. Not only is it lightweight and easy to handle, but we’ve found the size small to be incredibly accommodating for shorter riders. The Shimano EP 8 RS & new EP 6 motor found on the Orbea Rise both offer 60 nm of torque which combined with the smaller battery and lighter frames allow the Rise to weigh 10 to 15 pounds lighter than their full-power counterparts! Overall, the Rise will provide a lightweight, balanced feel that will provide smaller riders more confidence when it comes to controlling their eMTB out on the trails.

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Best Small All Mountain Trail eMTB with 160mm of Travel


At $4499, the Yamaha YDX Moro is a fantastic eMTB that was designed to appeal to a wide range of riders with varying levels of skill. Not only is it capable with a 160mm fork, but with the stock 27.5 + wheel set, it’s very approachable with a lower standover height for smaller riders. As for the motor, you’ll be seeing Yamaha’s 80Nm torque PW-X2 which is paired alongside a 500Wh battery. Looking at the frame, the unique Dual Twin design found on the Moro was engineered around the concept of centralized mass, which in turn leads to a very planted and controlled ride. Overall, we think the Moro is a fantastic all mountain eMTB that will appeal to smaller riders looking for longer travel, smaller 27.5 wheels with wide plus size tires, and lower standover height!

Click here to see the full specs and best pricing on the 2023 Yamaha YDX Moro

Best Low Step eMTB

Bulls Copperhead Evo HD Wave

Bulls Copperhead Evo HD Wave

Finally, a true eMTB without a top tube! No more swinging your leg over the bar to get on and off. For riders with bad knees or hips, being uncomfortable when stopping is a thing of the past. Featuring a dropper seatpost so you can descend with confidence, wide tires for awesome grip, and a true eMTB feel. Comes in a 41 cm frame: if you're 4'10”-5'3" this is the size for you.

Click here to see the full specs and best pricing on the 2023 Bulls Copperhead Evo HD Wave

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