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Best Electric Mountain Bikes for Shorter Riders

Are you a shorter person who’s looking to hit the trails on an electric mountain bike? Not to worry! There are plenty of killer full-suspension and hardtail eMTBs made specifically for people with a lower standover height that offer excellent components and a first-class riding experience. There are even off-road electric bikes with a lower or no top tube. At Fly Rides, we understand how important it is to find an eMTB that will be incredibly fun to ride, and fits YOU perfectly. Keep in mind e-bike fit varies between all riders and it depends a lot on your body’s geometry, standover height, reach, etc. (To read more about what size bike to get, check out this video post on how to choose the right size ebike). Read on for the Fly Rides team’s suggestions for the best eMTBs for riders 5'5" (165 cm) and below! 


Featured Model: This model is featured because it is not only IN STOCK and gives shorter riders the great components at a great value. 

Niner WFO E9 

Niner WFO E9


This 41cm large battery and high spec'd bike allows small riders to not be compromised when it comes to components or comfort. Low standover and a great all round mountain romper! It utilizes the Bosch Gen4 motor with 85nm of torque. Perfect for short riders who want to hit the trails hard and not compromise. If you are 5'5" - 5'7" Shop Niner WFO E9 Here


In order of low to high price:

Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance 500

Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance 500 | Trapeze frame

2021 Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance 500 - For entry-level riding and more casual mountain biking, this hardtail eMTB comes in the smallest sizing we've seen. 15" trapezes and 13.5" high bar models allow even our smallest riders to fit safely and still romp some dirt. If you are 4'10" to 5'4" Shop Cube Reaction Here. These models arrive mid July 2021 and are already heavily pre ordered. 

Learn more below:

Bulls Copperhead EVO HD Wave

Bulls Copperhead EVO HD Wave - Finally, a true eMTB without a top tube! No more swinging your leg over the bar to get on and off. For riders with bad knees or hips, being uncomfortable when stopping is a thing of the past. Featuring a dropper seatpost so you can descend with confidence, wide tires for awesome grip, and a true eMTB feel. Comes in a 41 cm frame: if you're 4'10”-5'3" this is the size for you. The first wave of these sold out in about a week so put a deposit down for the February release! JULY UPDATE: SOLD OUT

Check out our in-depth video review:


2021 E Stream EVO AM 2

Bulls E Stream EVO AM 2


The 2021 Bulls E Stream EVO AM 2 in a size 41cm has always been a fan favorite with small riders. Since the standover is lower than most full suspension ebikes we have had riders as small as 5'4" on this electric stead! Plus big battery and powerful 90nm Brose S Mag motor! Shop the Bulls E Stream AM 2 HERE . Bikes arrive in August so pre order now!

Mondraker Dusk Series

Mondraker Dusk RR

Coming in mid/late 2021 is one of the most popular e-bikes for smaller riders, the 2021 and 2022 Mondraker Dusk series. The size small frames from this company will come standard at 38 cm allowing a slightly shorter rider than most brands. One of the most notable aspects is you won’t sacrifice on quality components for being small! This short-statured beast features a big battery, high-end components, and a small frame--it’s why the 2021/2022 Mondraker series will be the best electric mountain bike available for small riders! Shop Mondraker Dusk Series HERE. Limited arrival landing late July 2021.

Niner RIP E9

Niner RIP E9

Similar to the Niner WFO E9 the RIP E9 is Niners All mountain version. This emtb will give a rider shorter travel without sacrificing components but while saving you $300. The Niner RIP E9 comes stock with a Fox DPX 2 and a 160mm Rockshox ZEB giving you all the plushness you need in a 41cm small emtb. Shop the Niner RIP E9 HERE. These arrive late July and will go fast!

Notable Mention: Bulls Aminga

 A very notable mention is this electric mountain bike made specifically for women! The 2021 Bulls Aminga is a women’s specific full-suspension eMTB, projected to arrive late January and if so, it will be a fantastic e-bike for petite female riders. A 41 cm frame with a sweeping and low top tube offers small riders a comfortable standover height and a women’s-specific geometry.

    No matter what eMTB you choose, give us a call if you ever want clarification on the fit. Try and have your inseam measurement and be ready to describe the style of riding you wish to do. Thanks for reading and enjoy the ride!

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