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Top 10 eMTBs of the Year

For many years Fly Rides has always rounded up the best eMountain Bikes of a given model year. We do this not just because we love you, but because we think it's important for buyers to know what the best options are at a given price point. That is why we always organize our top eMTB list by "best in show" based on the type of rider the eBike is best suited for and the value you get based on the build.  

As we were putting together the 2023 list, we got to thinking that many of the so-called “best options”  available were from big-name brands. And those big-name bikes were going to cost you well over $10,000. While spending that kind of dough might be fine for some people, hearing that the best eMTBS of 2023 will cost more than $10,000 might have you clicking away right now. (Please don’t - good news is coming!)  

This year we decided to kick all the higher price tags to the curb and stick to bikes that are going under $10,000. You do not have to be spending five figures on an eMTB to get something amazing. In fact, some of the best stuff is around $8,000. But a nearly identical bike from a big name brand might run you more like $15,000. It makes you wonder if those big-name brands are really all that special. 

Let's get started...! 

Best budget eMTB


At $4499, the Yamaha YDX Moro is a fantastic eMTB that was designed to appeal to a wide range of riders with varying levels of skill. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out, or an experienced rider trying to stick to a budget, the Moro has you covered.

For the experienced rider, we found the Moro to perform much better and inspire more confidence than other eMTBs in the sub $5500 price range. As for the beginner rider looking at their first eMTB, the Moro will offer a great platform to grow into as your confidence and skills progress.

The Dual Twin frame found on the Moro was designed around the concept of centralized mass, which in turn leads to a very planted and controlled ride. Last but not least, looking at suspension the Moro gets a 160mm Rockshox Revelation RC boost fork paired with the Deluxe Select + shock.

Overall, we hold the Yamaha Moro in very high regards as it brings a lot to the table for only $4499!

Click here to see the full specs and best pricing on the Yamaha YDX Moro

Best Lightweight eMTB


Are you having a hard time with the thought of giving up your acoustic MTB for an electric mountain bike? If that’s the case, you probably have your eyes set on a super light eMTB, as they are getting lighter and more powerful making them harder than ever to ignore! There is no better example of this fact than the Orbea Rise electric mountain bikes.

The Shimano EP 8 RS & new EP 6 motor found on the Orbea Rise both offer 60 nm of torque which combined with the smaller battery and lighter frames allow the Rise to weigh 10 to 15 pounds lighter than their full-power counterparts!

Overall, the Rise will provide you a conventional MTB feel on the climbs as well as the descents in hopes that you won’t miss your acoustic MTB too much! To see the entire Rise line-up, click HERE. If you’re curious to check out our best selling model, take a look at the

Rise H15.

Or browse our entire collection of

Orbea e-Bikes

Best Value Allmtn eMTB


The Dusk is one of two All-Mountain/Enduro eMTB offerings from Spanish manufacturer, Mondraker. The other being the Crafty, which you’ll find later on this list.

At just $5,595, the Dusk makes the list as our favorite entry level enduro eMTB with 160mm of travel. The Dusk comes spec’d with the 85Nm torque Shimano EP8 motor and is paired with a 630Wh internally mounted battery. Unlike the Bosch powered Crafty, the Dusk has potential to add a compatible 360Wh frame mounted range extender that can bump the total battery capacity to 990Wh!

With that being said, we think the Dusk is great for a rider that seeks adventure more so than the thrill of a technical downhill. That’s not to say the Dusk isn’t capable when the trail gets tough, we just think it's best for a rider who’s looking to do a bit of everything! If you’re only out looking for the downhill runs, check out the Mondraker Crafty R and Level R further down the list.

Click here to see the full specs and our best price on the Mondraker Dusk

Best Advanced AllMtn eMTB

CUBE 140

With many full power electric mountain bikes opting for a longer travel these days, the Stereo Hybrid 140 lineup from German manufacturer CUBE, fills the gap offering a proper trail eMTB with 150/140mm of travel. While there are many CUBE 140 models to choose from, our go to for price, components and performance is the 140TM.

At $7499, the 140TM comes spec’d with a Carbon Fiber mainframe, Fox Suspension, SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain, Magura MT7 hydraulic disc brakes and last but not least, the new Bosch Smart System! Overall, the 140 lineup is going to offer an incredibly well balanced, comfortable platform for a rider looking to do it all.

If you’re only out riding to seek the downhill, you should check out the Enduro category. But if you’re the rider who loves long fire road adventures, twisty singletrack and the occasional challenging downhill run, then the CUBE 140 is where you should set your sights.

Click here to see the full specs and best price on the Cube Stereo 140 HPC TM 750 eMTB

Best Long Travel Enduro/Gravity eMTB


If you found yourself checking out the Mondraker Level R, it’s safe to assume that you love going downhill! The Level R is Mondraker's “superenduro” eMTB and comes spec’d with a full 29ner wheelset as well as 180/170mm of travel. It’s also fantastic on the climbs, offering loads of traction and comfort thanks to the Fox DHX2 coil shock.

With all of that said, you don’t have to be just a downhill shredder to enjoy the Level R. With its plush suspension, 29ner wheels and 750Wh Bosch battery, it’s arguably one of the most comfortable bikes for long, all day treks through the mountains.

Click here to see the full specs and our best pricing on the Mondraker Level R

Best Womens eMTB

LIV Embolden E+ 2 electric mountain bike for women


At just $4400, the 2023 LIV Embolden E +2 is not only incredibly affordable for a full suspension eMTB, but it also happens to be designed specifically for women!

LIV, which sits under the Giant Bicycles umbrella, is a brand whose sole focus is designing bikes dedicated to women. The Embolen E+2 come spec’d with a 70Nm Giant SyncDrive Sport motor that was designed in collaboration with Yamaha, meaning they’re not only powerful, but insanely reliable! You’ll also get a 500Wh interally mounted battery that can be extended using the frame mounted 250Wh Giant EnergyPak Plus range extender.

For the price, you won’t find a better, more comfortable womens' specific full suspension electric mountain bike.

Click here to see the full specs and our best pricing on the 2023 LIV Embolden E +2 Womens eMTB

Honorable Mentions


When it comes to adventure and commuting, no one does it better than German electric bike manufacturer Riese & Müller.

Unlike other manufacturers, R&M eBikes are made to order and assembled at their factory in Germany. This gives their customers the ability to custom build and design a personalized eBike from the ground up. However, if you’re not interested in waiting for a custom order, reach out directly to Fly Rides directly as we hand pick and design custom R&Ms to stock on our showroom floor throughout the year!

One of our top picks moving into 2023 is the all new Charger4 GT Touring HS with GX Option. Featuring the new Bosch Smart System, 750Wh Battery and class 3 Bosch performance line speed motor, the Charger4 is ready to tackle any commute with ease, comfort and speed! As for the adventure aspect, the GX option, which is R&Ms off-road tire upgrade, will allow you to take your Charger4 off the beaten path and out onto the mountain fire roads.

Other notable models to look at from R&M are the SuperDelite, Supercharger, Multicharger and Homage! If you’ve yet to experience a R&M first hand, do yourself a favor and book a test ride. Once you test ride one, it’s hard to imagine riding anything else!

Click here to see the full specs and our best pricing on the Riese and Muller Charger

CUBE 160

The Stereo Hybrid 160 lineup from CUBE just happens to be one of the few remaining full 27.5 long travel eMTBs available in the U.S. market. With full 29ers and mullet wheel setups taking the industry by storm, many riders have forgotten just how much fun 27.5 eMTBs truly are! With 170mm of fork travel and 160mm of shock travel, the CUBE 160’s long platform offers an extremely stable ride while still sticking to the nimble roots offered by the smaller 27.5 wheels.

Our highlighted model for 2023 is the Stereo Hybrid 160 Race which is priced at $5999. Being that the 160 Race is the entry level model in the 160 lineup, it offers great value when it comes to the components while not making any sacrifice in regards to performance. If you’ve tested other enduro eMTBs and were turned off by their lack of agility & maneuverability down the trail, then a CUBE 160 is definitely worth throwing a leg over!

Click here to see the full specs and our best pricing on the Cube Stereo HPC Race 160


Although it’s now in 2023, last year's 2022 Mondraker Crafty R still tops the charts when it comes to value and performance for 160/150mm travel eMTBs. Coming spec’d with the new Bosch Smart System, 750Wh battery and Fox suspension, the Crafty will easily tackle anything you put in its path. Add to that the incredible Mondraker Zero Suspension System and Forward Geometry, and you've got an All Mountain/Enduro eMTB that is efficient, capable and most importantly, confident when the going gets tough.

Mondrakers also happen to be assembled in Spain which is noticeable with their high quality builds and excellent attention to detail. To see current deals on the 2022 Crafty R, click here.

Click here to see the full specs and our best pricing on the Mondraker Crafty R

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