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Frequently Asked Questions

Scott Electric Bikes

Is Scott a Good E-bike Brand?

Scott is world-famous for being the bike brand that helps professional cyclists win the Tour de France, World Cup, and Olympic gold medals. They’re also known as one of the most innovative brands for not only bikes but also skiing equipment and moto-gear. 

  • The brand’s motto is “no shortcuts" and they take making high-quality, durable bikes very seriously. Every bike is backed by rigorous quality testing and a lifetime warranty.  
  • Scott has a reputation for continually innovating and breaking new ground in the cycling industry. The brand is continually pushing the industry towards more efficient, high-performance bikes. 
  • Scott makes some of the most technologically innovative bikes on the market. They continue to push the envelope when it comes to aerodynamics, fork design, and suspension systems.

Are Scott E-bikes Worth It?

Scott e-bikes aren’t the least expensive bikes on the market, but they are high-quality and deliver great value.  

  • Scott bikes are built with both lightweight frames and cutting-edge technology as high priorities. As a result, their bikes can be more expensive than less sophisticated brands. 
  • In addition to the wide range of bike styles, Scott bikes come at a variety of price points that can suit most budgets. 
  • Scott is known for using high-quality materials and durable components that can take a beating. Even if you ride hard, a Scott bike will last for many years. 
  • Plus, Scott bikes are highly versatile. Even on a Scott bike designed for a specific sport like mountain biking, you can comfortably ride them cross-country or for commuting. It’s almost like buying multiple bikes in one! 

Where are Scott Electric Bikes Made?

Scott e-bikes are made by the Scott Sports SA Brand, whose headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland. 

  • The brand has offices across the world including the US, South Africa, and India. They are known internationally as one of the best bike brands in the world. 
  • Scott bike carbon frames are manufactured at a plant in Taiwan, but those frames are then shipped to their Geneva headquarters where they are built by hand. 
  • Scott primarily uses Syncros brand components, including rims, handlebars, grips, stems, seat pots, and saddles. These components are also manufactured in Taiwan before being shipped to Switzerland to be assembled. 

How Long Have Scott Bikes Been Around?

Scott Sports has been around since the 1950s, but they haven’t always made bikes. Now the brand is known for their exceptional bikes, as well as gear for a wide variety of sports. 

  • In fact, founder Ed Scott’s original claim to fame was as the inventor of an alloy ski pole. Previously, poles were made of either steel or bamboo, but Scott discovered that an alloy pole was more flexible and more durable. 
  • The brand first dipped its toes into the cycling industry with a clip-on aerodynamic handlebar, which hit the market in 1989. Soon after they introduced an innovative new suspension fork. 
  • By 1995, Scott was selling their first all-carbon, a full-suspension bike called the Endorphin and the brand was off to the races, literally! The Endorphin won big races in the World Cup and the Olympics and Scott continues to be a brand loved by professional cyclists. 
  • Back then, poles were made of either steel or bamboo. The company also manufactured motocross wear, including goggles, before expanding to Europe.
  • In 2011, Scott collaborated with Bosch to be one of the first brands to offer stylistically oriented and easy-to-operate e-bike systems. 

Why We Love Scott Electric Bikes:

We love how Scott combines durability, versatility, and cutting-edge technology to deliver a stellar experience. 

  • Plus, Scott pairs old-school experience as one of the first brands to pivot to e-bikes with a commitment to pushing the industry forward through innovation.
  •  The Patron eRide 900 delivers supreme integration and progressive geometry, plus a powerful new Bosch drive unit to get you up and down the mountain.