2017 Bulls E-Stream EVO FS 3 27.5 Review

The team at Fly Rides USA  team has been eagerly awaiting the new 2017 Bulls electric bikes. When they started to arrive, they immediately impressed. Bulls is still pretty new to the US market, and they are fast becoming some of the best electric bikes out there. In this post, we’ll take a look at one of the off-road options. Here is 2017 Bulls E-Stream EVO FS 3 27.5 review.

From the picture, you can see that the setup is that of a classic mountain bike. The geometry of the bike is the perfect setup for that downhill style. Plus, you’ve got front and rear RockShox suspension for those bumpy roads. The front fork (Rock Shox Yari RC) comes with 150mm of travel in the air suspension fork. The rear shock gives you the same, so it’s plenty for even the rockiest terrain. You also get more shifting options–22 speeds–than most electric mountain bikes. This is possible thanks to the Brose motor, which we’ll cover in more detail in a bit. The Shimano Deore XT shifting system shifts smoothly and allows for easy pedaling on the steepest hills. Bulls also has Magura MT-4 and 5 hydraulic disc brakes on 180mm rotors for the right amount of stopping power coming down that off-road trail.

Brose is quickly becoming one of my favorite motors on the market. To start with, their batteries are huge. Coming in at 650 watt hours, they can take you at least a hundred miles per charge pretty easily. The battery is also incredibly well integrated into the motor. Looking at the picture, you can hardly even tell it’s there. I really appreciate an electric bike that can fit in with regular bikes. The motor itself is extremely powerful and very quiet. You can’t really hear the motor except for at its highest RPMs. With 90 newton meters of torque, you shouldn’t have any trouble powering up steep hills.

The 2017 Bulls E-Stream EVO FS 3 27.5 rides very well. I really enjoyed taking this on some single-track mountain bike trails in the area. This is a great bike at a solid price point. Bulls has continued to offer great bikes, and I’m excited to see the rest of their lineup!

To get the best prices on this electric bike follow this link: 2017 Bulls E-Stream EVO FS 3 27.5.

Check out our blog for more reviews on this year’s bikes. Happy riding!

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