Review of the 2016 IZIP E3 Dash

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Review of the 2016 IZIP E3 Dash

Hey all, Jerit here again with SD Fly Rides and I'm back and eagerly excited with my review on the new 2016 IZIP E3 Dash Electric bike! Not even sure where to start as this bike is just an amazing commuter bike and solid enough to hit a couple of trails as well. So I've used this bike as my go to instead of driving to work and as it is equipped stock with a city kit, it fears nothing. Getting to work with my car, my commute door to door with parking (dreadful) and the walk in is about 20-25 minutes thru the local streets. With this bike, I'm easily there in about 13 minutes (and no looking for parking!!) The bike goes 28MPH which for the price point makes this one of my most favorite bikes in the shop. Paired with its 350W MidDrive ElectroDrive motor, it's smooth, fast and resilient. Its battery is centered as well making its level of stability very balanced and not seeming like you are lugging anything. Very torquey right out of the gate-  I've been able to hit around 32MPH on flat roads! At those speeds you almost need a faceguard because of the unbelievable speed you assume!

Solid build with the wheels and tires. A nice 45c wheelset with Alex rims, switching up terrain is no sweat. Fenders and light-set on the bike make it pretty easy to ride after sunset as it runs off the battery so you won't need to worry about the LEDs running out of juice. Speaking of battery, it's got a 48V battery with over 400wh. Now since this bike does get excessive speed, it's a great bike for distances not too far IF you are in a very high power. The reason I mention this is because I LOVE speed. I usually put it right onto level 4 right when I turn the bike on. Conservatively, you could estimate getting about 20 miles or so on those levels. If this dismays you, it will be same across all e-bikes across the board for the most part. If you want to hit that 30/40 mile battery range, best to ride then in levels 1 or 2 and save the higher levels for the hills. But if your commute or ride is similar to mine where you just need to get from A to B in no time, this would be an excellent choice. The bike also comes with an optional throttle so if you want to just coast you can purchase the add-on for that feature. That will enable you to coast at 20MPH, sweet!

With great speed come great brakes. Very satisfied with it as they're Shimano's and they're hydraulic! Definitely an upgrade from the mechanical disc brakes on the 2015 version. Front fork on the bike always adds a bit of suspension so with the added speed, you don't feel too many bumps. The Suntour fork coupled with an aluminum body on the bike makes this pretty sturdy and a pretty light bike - you're looking at about 54lbs with everything on it, still less than other bikes.  The 2015 Dash was one of our best sellers in 2015 and was very reliable in terms maintenance. Currie makes great products, very reliable and never any mechanical or electronic issues. I did some more research on the IZIP E3 Dash and found out that even Google partnered with Currie to use the E3 Dash as a commuter bike for employees in their MountainView, CA location. Now you know this company is doing something right if Google is partnering up with them!

Overall, my experience is very good. As a tour company, when our seasoned guests come in, this would be an ideal fit for them as it has a premium build with a not so much premium price. Come swing by our shop if you're interested in doing a test ride and I'm sure you'll never want to ride a regular bike again! Join me next week when I discuss some Haibikes, now equipped with the Yamaha motor!

Check out the full specs and buy the 2016 IZIP E3 Dash here! 

Check out our quick video Review of the 2016 IZIP E3 Dash


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October 18, 2019

Great post, thanks!

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