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Go green this Earth Day with an E-Bike! Amazing deals below through April 30th!

Celebrate and do your part for Earth Day by getting yourself or a loved one a new, guilt free (gluten free, non-gmo... ;) electric bicycle. We're celebrating Earth Day all month with the limited time deals below. Riding an eBike instead of driving significantly reduces your carbon footprint in several ways:

  • You won't be using gasoline (fossil fuels) - this one also saves you $$$!
  • No causing wear and tear on the roads with a heavy vehicle.
  • E-bikes don't emit fumes, which contribute to climate change.

Explore our world from the saddle of an electric bicycle

Riding a bike is not only fun, it also helps with mental well-being.  You can ride to work, run errands, meet up with friends, and NOT sit in traffic, and also explore your neighborhood, local trails, and even many national parks!  When you're riding a bike, you get to feel the wind, smell the fields, soak up some sun, and connect to our beautiful planet.  Since eBikes are quiet, you also get to hear the natural sounds around you too! 

Save on your new ebike this Earth Day with Fly Rides!

We've discounted these bikes as much as we're able, so we can do our part to get more butts on bikes!  Check out the models below, and give us a call if you need help deciding on the best one for you.

Cube and Niner eMTB's in this collection: 

Receive a FREE Kuat rack with purchase. Add both to your cart and the Kuat NV Base 2.0 will automatically be discount to $0!

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