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Frequently Asked Questions

Liv Electric Bikes

Who Makes LIV E-Bikes?

LIV Cycling is a subsidiary of and sister company to Giant, which is the largest bike manufacturer in the world. 

  • LIV Cycling was founded by Bonnie Tu, former CFO at Giant and now chairperson for Giant Global Group. LIV was inspired by Tu’s own struggle to find world-class cycling equipment and clothing that was suited for her.
  • “By women, for women, with women," is LIV’s motto. They put female rides at the center of their mission and strive to make cycling a more inclusive sport by designing and building bikes specifically tailored for women. 
  • LIV bikes aren’t merely Giant bikes with woman-oriented branding. LIV starts every new bike with a clean slate. Their team of designers and engineers craft every aspect specifically for women’s physiology. Plus they get the benefit of being part of the Giant family and sharing tried and true technological innovations. 

How Are LIV E-Bikes Different?

LIV puts women first in everything they make, from the frames they build to the components they spect, to the gear they design. 

  • They take a data-driven approach and build their bikes from the ground up with women’s physiology, anatomy, and power in mind. The data shows that although women (and men) can ride any bike, women are more comfortable and efficient on bikes designed for them. 
  • LIV field tests all their bikes with professional female athletes and uses their perspectives to fine-tune the geometry and components of each bike design. They do multiple rounds of testing to get each bike as close to perfect as possible - right out of the box! 
  • Although they rely on statistical averages to design their bikes, LIV knows that every woman is unique. They offer a wide variety of bikes for all riding styles and take special pride in offering a wide variety of color options. 
  • Beyond the bikes they build, LIV is dedicated to supporting women and creating more opportunities for women in cycling. Women are involved at every stage of the process, and the company sponsors several professional female cyclists.

Are LIV E-Bikes Any Good?

Historically, the industry didn’t think women needed - or wanted - a bike that was the same quality as men. 

  • But LIV is changing that. They believe women deserve the same quality of choices as men and should be able to get top-of-the-line bikes with women’s-specific geometry. 
  • All of which is to say, LIV is not skimping on quality. All of their e-bikes are powered by Giant’s proprietary SyncDrive mid-drive motors and EnergyPak integrated batteries, giving up to 110 miles of maximum range. 
  • Each bike prototype is rigorously tested, allowing designers to fine-tune the geometry, frame stiffness, and components based on the riding experiences of women cyclists. 
  • Each bike includes pressure-reducing saddles designed for women’s anatomy, optimized stem lengths, and brake levers, plus world-class components and state-of-the-art technology to create a lighter, faster bike, better-performing bike, no matter your riding style. 

How Much Does a LIV E-Bike Weight?

Like any brand, LIV e-bikes vary in weight and differ by model and size. A bike's finish, hardware, components, and accessories can also impact the weight. 

  • Of course, an e-bike is usually heavier than a traditional bike, but the weight difference will largely be offset by the boost you get from the pedal-assist motor.
  • Every LIV e-bike is designed to provide best-in-class ride quality, and that includes keeping weights manageable.

Why we love LIV Electric Bikes

Focused on engineering bikes specifically for women, Liv calls its data-driven approach the 3F, standing for Fit, Form, and Function. 

  • This design philosophy is featured across Liv’s range and sees the company deliver bikes that fit their function, and the female rider, perfectly.
  • At FlyRides, we know that every rider is unique and that rings just as true for our female riders. 
  • We love that LIV is data-driven, fun-loving, and is a brand dedicated to the female rider and doesn’t compromise on quality.